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Podcast Episode 3: Taking Couple’s Therapy Home

You make an investment when you go for therapy - both in the therapist and in your relationship. So how do you get the most of it? In couples therapy, we offer a safe environment for couples - a place with rules, and a coach. But a therapist’s goal is to teach you how to develop these skills so that you can communicate in a healthy way. If you're in therapy with your partner, how do you use the skills you've learned and apply them when you get home? Tune in!

Podcast Episode 2: Arguing

Arguing... Is there a right way to do it? Arguably, yes. What impact does arguing have on your relationship? How do you modify your reactions and respond to your partner? How do you have effective communication where your partner is primed to hear you without shutting down? Tune in to this episode and learn about how to handle an argument. As Fritz says, "Create a reality that's inclusive of both people's well-being and happiness." I'll show you how. Tune in.

Podcast Episode 1: Why I Talk About Relationships

Welcome to my podcast on relationships, where I talk about the most pressing issues that come up in couples's therapy, and offer insights from therapists. Tune in!

Protected: My Bonus Relationship Guide

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Ringing in the New Year with Relationship Resolutions

Include your relationship is your list of new year's resolutions. Here's a guideline for how to get the conversations started.

Overcoming Gridlock This Holiday Season

How do you navigate issues that seem unsolvable? Here are some tips on how to move forward, lovingly, with your partner.

How to Be Kind When You’re Upset With Your Partner

Cultivating kindness is important to your relationship, not only in good times, but also during the heat of an argument.

The Culture of Relationships

Our society, culture, families, and friends preach a certain narrative about how to love. Who do we listen to? And why does it matter?

Here Are the New Rules of Dating

Love and dating have become disparate endeavors thanks to pop culture, media, and social reinforcement. But it is high time to change the conversation, to clarify the rules, to go back to basics, and to redefine dating from a healthy perspective.

My Talk on Self-Acceptance with SheSays

Self-acceptance comes with a caveat: that you must work on your character.