About Me

As a former designer and entrepreneur, I bring varied experiences and perspectives to my work as a therapist.

I specialize in anxiety, depression, grief, relationship issues, mindfulness, career counseling, and emotion management. I work with students, entrepreneurs, business professionals, creatives, and other motivated individuals seeking therapy.

I believe that inherent in everyone is the ability to grow, develop, and self-actualize. I also believe that this is a life-long struggle that requires many teachers, trainers, loved ones - and therapists.

We will work together to help you build individual strengths and to learn tools you can take with you and use throughout your life.


Couples Workshops

Based on leading scientific research by marriage expert Dr. John Gottman, this workshop will give you the tools and the skills you need to get started on a journey of life long friendship and intimacy with your partner.

In this workshop you and your partner will learn how to:

  • Increase romance & intimacy
  • Manage conflict constructively
  • Build deeper connection
  • Gain skills to address problems
  • Create shared meaning
  • Maintain gains throughout your lifetime
The next workshop is October 18. Register now!

Workshop sizes are small, reserve your space now.

Tell Your Story, The way you want to tell it.

My approach is warm and collaborative. We would work together to address your specific needs and your desired goals. Starting therapy can be daunting, as such, I offer a free 10 minute consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.


Recent Writing


Ringing in the New Year with Relationship Resolutions

Include your relationship is your list of new year's resolutions. Here's a guideline for how to get the conversations started.

Overcoming Gridlock This Holiday Season

How do you navigate issues that seem unsolvable? Here are some tips on how to move forward, lovingly, with your partner.

How to Be Kind When You’re Upset With Your Partner

Cultivating kindness is important to your relationship, not only in good times, but also during the heat of an argument.


Individual Therapy

Now accepting new clients. I use a strengths-based approach to working with clients dealing with concerns such as anxiety, relationship issues, trauma, and life transitions.

I work with students, entrepreneurs, business professionals, and Muslim professionals living in the greater NYC area.

Couples Counseling

Now accepting new clients. Whether it is pre-marital counseling or marriage counseling, I use research-based tools (including Gottman Method Couples Therapy) to help empower you to make improvements in your relationship. My work is culturally-sensitive in my approach to teaching you to deal with conflict in a healthy way.

Seven Principles Couples Workshop

As a Gottman Leader I teach educational workshops for couples. The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work is based on over 40 years of Dr. Gottman's research. This workshop will give you the skills you need to achieve a more satisfying relationship now and for the years to come. Sign up now for our October workshop.

Bringing Baby Home

Based on over 40 years of Dr. Gottman's research, this workshop will give you the skills you need to maintain romance and intimacy in order to provide a nurturing, healthy environment where your baby can thrive. Contact me to be informed of the next workshop.


Coming soon! This 21-day intensive is based on my mindfulness work with couples and on research from the Gottman Institute. For 21 days I will guide you, day by day, with activities, emails, and personal messages that will help you actively improve your mindset and lead you to a more positive approach towards your relationship.


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