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The Highly Sensitive Person’s Bill of Relationship Rights

Sensitive people sometimes overlook their own feelings in order to please others. But, HSPs can have more fulfilling relationships if they learn how to speak their truths.

New, New Things; Old Rules

The value of technology lies in our ability to maintain our humanity first and foremost.

Empathy for the Entrepreneur

Founders suffer - often silently - with anxiety, feelings of self-doubt, and fear. How can therapy help?

The Thinking Person’s Guide to Getting Married

Here's a helpful list of tips to consider before you dive into your emotionally intelligent relationship.

(You Can) Argue with This

Part 2 of my 3 part series on boundaries.

When ‘How was your weekend?’ Turns into TMI

Setting boundaries at work Consider the following scene taking place in an office. Sound familiar? Rose is working on an...