I am new to therapy, what can I expect during my first session?

Welcome! If you’re considering therapy for the first time, I am so happy that you’re giving it a chance. The only requirement for therapy is a desire commit to the experience with honesty and dedication. During our first few sessions, I can learn more about you, your story, and set some preliminary goals for our work together. We can also see if an open, honest relationship being cultivated. A good working relationship, is at the core of good therapy – whether you’re looking for 10 sessions or to work together over the course of a few years.

How often will I need to come to therapy?

People come to therapy for several reasons. Some come with a specific problem they want to solve or a goal they want to reach. Other people come for longterm support, or to work out deeper issues. I recommend doing therapy at least once a week, at a regular day and time. For urgent matters or during stressful times, you may consider coming twice a week. Over time, therapy may be tapered to every other week for maintenance and to upkeep general mental health.

My approach to couples counseling 

I value your time as a couple. I will work with you in a collaborative way to reach your goals and to teach you the skills you need. I believe that you don’t need to be in crisis to benefit from couples counseling. I work with couples who are dating, considering moving in or getting engaged, pre-marital, and at big moments during life such as marriage, and reconnecting after years of commitment. Want to know more? I answer questions about couples therapy in this video (coming soon).

My approach to psychotherapy

I have an eclectic approach to therapy and borrow from a variety of theories when working with my clients. I will often fine tune or shift my approach with a client based on our discussions, on goals, or a request from the client that something is not working or your readiness and willingness to work towards goals. I encourage clients to keep an open and honest dialog with me, as I consider our work together to be collaborative in nature. I consider the therapeutic relationship to be the basis for all our work together. Therapy can bring up a lot of emotions especially as we explore past feelings or current anxieties. However, going through this process together can yield more resilience and a better capability to deal with life.


Do you have other questions for me? Feel free to reach out to me and ask! Or, even better, let’s set up a brief phone call or video chat to see if we are a good fit.

Looking forward to working together,