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Work on Yourself –> Heal Your Business

Here’s a really vital idea for business growth: knowing who you are will help shape your business.  This is true...

What Are You Grieving?

This feeling is grief..

Regretting your choices?

My instagram feed is filled with happy people on beaches or parents on top of their homeschool game. Why didn't I make those choices!? So, what bad choices, weird side-roads, unexpected turns, and flat out 'that didn't turn out how I expected's brought you here today? What do you do when you think you made a bad decision? How can you be OK with the path that you are on?

My Middle of the Night Conversation

Another anxious, sleepless night. Exhausted. Totally awake...And then I had an 'aha' moment that changed everything.

How to Thrive During a Crisis

What builds resilience and connection? How come we bond in our foxholes or during crisis with strangers? How can we bring that sense of camaraderie to our homes and our families? You're asking me these questions, the world is asking these questions. Read on to get my 3 steps to thriving during a crisis.

How to Live and Work Together

Do you live with your partner? Do you raise a family together? Do you share chores? Do you run a business together? Regardless of how you both collaborate and how many hours you spend together or apart, I've got a list of three things you absolutely need to work on in order to make it work.

Conversation Starters for Our Home-Bound Life

Here are some ideas for how to stay connected or to develop new connections with your partner and families while spending a lot of time together at home. The value of truly being seen by one another - even for small chunks of time - are huge: better coping skills, more resilience, and better mood.

An Abundance of Understanding 

Another article about kindness. And this time I break it down further and answer some of your real questions about HOW to bring kindness into a hard discussion and WHY it's ok to be the one to go first.

“I don’t know how to talk about my feelings”

Most of us were not taught how to share our feelings or even how to identify them. But once we learn how to name and share our feelings, we can deepen our bond and have a safer and more fulfilling relationship. So how do we do it? Read on.

Self Care for the Winter

If you spend time on your health, your mind, your spirituality, your appearance, does that make you self-centered? Or is it vital to take time to make your self more centered during these long winter months?