What Are You Grieving?

I googled ‘when will Covid be over’. Actually, I googled ‘when will…’ and it auto-filled.

If you’ve lived any amount of time, you’ve most likely lost something. Someone. A lot. A little. Just enough to make you feel like this is going to be one hard journey.

Then, the pandemic comes along. And now we’re all just grieving together. When all the other stuff is done: the baking, the politics, the zoom meetings. It’s just us, alone, knowing that no one has answers. That we are each just…human.

We spend so much time trying to make ourselves smarter, more successful, more like our friends. But the pandemic has shown us our collective grief and our similar losses. We’ve had career loss, financial loss, family loss, loss of time and opportunity. We’ve had friendships end, relationships end.

And sometimes we don’t want to hear: “But here are the positives that came out of it..!”
There is nothing we can do about grief except to live it and get through it.

How we do it is up to us.
How are you grieving? How are you getting through?