A Peek Into One Couple’s Therapy

In a rare and insightful article, a previous client of mine has written about the experience they had in therapy with me a few years ago on their new, beautifully conceived site. I’m sharing the link (below) to the full article “A Case for Pre-Baby Couple’s Therapy”.

While therapy remains confidential, I have tried to give my readers and clients a chance to get to think critically and answer questions about themselves through my blog. Often the question that rings out most insistently is “am I the only one who feels this?”

I share this article in the spirit of that question.

Couples therapy seems even more mysterious because it involves so many people: the couple, their families, their other relationships…it can feel daunting to consider entering therapy. But lots of brave souls embark on the journey, and I am honored to work with them.


When Baby G was born, A and I felt like we were living in a beautiful dream. After having a baby, our relationship became better and easier (and our sex life too).

Trust that this did not come easily, we had to put in a lot of work. I mean A LOT. We spent 4 months in intensive couples therapy while I was pregnant. It was a very positive, grueling and painful experience which we both treasure. We continually utilize the tools that we learned and we both openly share our experience with those close to us.

I really hope this piece assists someone, because I am going to disclose the name of our couples therapist – Sanaa Hyder (I asked her first). She utilizes the Gottman Method and guided us immensely. And yes, the secret to love is just kindness. She incorporated this book into our sessions and had us do exercises from it between sessions. One of the first questions she asked us was….[click to keep reading on the Pyaar to the People blog]


Source: [https://www.pyaartothepeople.com/blog/2018/9/30/a-case-for-pre-baby-couples-therapy]